The Flying 64th is a general aviation flying club offering the most affordable flying in East Tennessee. We have the lowest monthly and flying rates, and one of the best-flying 172’s in the area. The club is very convenient to Oak Ridge, West Knoxville, Lenior City, Harriman and of course Oliver Springs.
The Flying 64th members buy into our club rather than simply renting planes from a pool. Every member is an owner in each aircraft and responsible for helping with maintenance. This helps to ensure that planes are well maintained, and flown better than you get in flying clubs which work on a rental basis.

The Flying 64th has been operating out of the Oliver Springs Airport (Braden Field) as a club for pilots of all ages and skill levels since its formation in 1954 by the merger of two smaller clubs which trace their roots to 1946.  The name originated from the association of charter members with the 9964th local Air Force Reserve Squadron.