The Best Flying Club in East TN.

The most affordable flying anywhere.  The Flying 64th Club.  $700 to join and only $40 per month.  No one else has rates like the Flying 64th.  We have been flying since WWII and we are still going strong.  Looking for a club where you can use a plane (that you own a share in) to learn to fly in?  Come visit us for yourself and see what a flying club is really like.  Email the Board at

or Apply on line to join Flying 64th Club and select Application.


2014-04-26 12.35.49Flying in East TN has it’s beauty and challenges.  One, the weather changes here fast because of the plateau, valley and mountains.  So the weather forecast will call for rain coming in from the west, as soon as it hits the plateau it may “fall apart”.  Just like weather coming in toward the mountains, as soon as it hits them, it will stall and fall apart or change directions.  Now anything coming from the south…. watch out.  It hits the valley and is channeled straight up the valley.