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The new fuel rate at TN08 is $3.80 per Gal.
$70 per hour
Link to AME in this area.
The flying 64th has added a GREAT benefit for our members!  The club will give you ONE hour with a CFI that is approved by the board per year.  We hope this benifit will help in Bi-Annual's or just refreshers.  In either way - it will make you a safer / better pilot.  The CFI has to be a club member and you have to use a club plane.  All you pay for is your time in the plane.  
Please contact one of our CFI's to schedule your one hour of training / review today
Rick Love (865) 748-4220
$55 per hour
Calls us at (865) 236-0640
To go to schedule - put mouse over plane and dbl click.
To go to schedule - put mouse over plane and dbl click.
Airport Freq.   122.9  

Prefered runway 15

Noise Abatement:  Fly to 1300' before turning or cross hwy at the end of 33

NOTE:  remote control planes and Ultra Lights in area.
Oliver Springs Airport Picnic  5-5-2012
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Mnt Flying and Density Alt Flying explained.