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The Flying 64th is Recruiting New Members

The Cost Of Membership

Initial Stock Purchase (1 time charge may be re-sold at current rate) Current Stock price for one share $700

Monthly Dues $40

Aircraft rates fluctuate based on fuel price and are recalculated when a new load of fuel is brought to the airport. (Current rate is on the Members page)

*NOTE time is charged as tach time not hobbs.  This saves you money!!!


You've just taken the first step toward becoming a new pilot!

Flying will open up new worlds and new possibilities.

How about flying to the beach for the day?    Or flying your friends to a near-by town for lunch?    Or visiting family without spending hours or days in a car?
You may even decide on a career as an airline or corporate pilot.

You can do it!
Getting your license is easier and cheaper than you think!

Stop Dreaming and Start Flying!

Contact US for club information then choose from one of these fine instructors:



Rick Love  ***Club Member***  Cell: (865) 748-4220   RickLoveCFI@gmail.com

        Certified Flight Instructor, Airplane, Instrument Airplane,
        Advanced Ground Instructor, Instrument Ground Instructor
        Private, Sport Pilot, Instrument, Commercial and Flight Instructor Training Offered
        Flight Reviews and Instrument Proficiency Checks (IPC)
        High Performance and Complex Endorsements
        Night currency, flight following procedures, etc.
        Work: (865) 481-4751
        Home: (865) 773-0128
        Cell: (865) 748-4220


Application for membership
By-Laws of club
Link to AME in this area.
Calls us at (865) 236-0640
Link to AME in this area.
Brian Westfall       (865) 705-7587    flybrian@rocketmail.com

        Brian Westfall CFI/CFII Oak Ridge Tennessee
        Certified Flight Instruction
        Private, Instrument, and Commercial
        Flight Reviews and Instrument Competency Checks
        High Performance and Complex
        Tail Wheel Endorsement
        Bi-Annual Review
        Cell: (865) 705-7587


FAA medical Dr.
Concord Family Practice:
Chang Chen MD
10430 Lovell Center Dr, Knoxville, TN 37922
(865) 693-6620